Visiting a pediatric dentist

Visiting a Niagara paediatric dental office

There are many benefits to taking your child to a paediatric dentist. Our St. Catharines paediatric dentist specializes in treating children from their first tooth until 18 years of age, providing care for everything from routine dental cleanings to complex dental issues with or without the use of sedation dentistry services.


Some of the major benefits of seeing a Niagara-area paediatric dentist include:

Paediatric dentists have up to three additional years of training in a paediatric dental residency. 

Coral Kids is a paediatric dental practice that is concentrated solely on the paediatric population including those with special healthcare needs. Special training from multiple paediatric specific hospital rotations in the areas of paediatric medicine, paediatric emergency departments, and paediatric anesthesiology is required to become a paediatric dentist. It is only through this specialized training that we have acquired the intimate knowledge of normal growth and development of children’s mouth and jaws. 


Paediatric dentists have specialized knowledge of normal growth and development of children’s teeth and jaws

We understand the inner workings of the developing mouth and jaws and are trained in preventative measures as well as treatment should issues arise. This intimate knowledge allows our Niagara paediatric dental specialists to create a baseline when assessing your child’s overall condition, not just their teeth. From here we can monitor growth to ensure everything is as it should be; and if not, take the necessary steps to fix the issue before it becomes a larger problem. 


Paediatric dentists provide additional medical screening

We encourage our patients to visit us every six months for regular appointments, which could make it likely that we see your child at Coral Kids more frequently than their regular medical physician. Because we have intimate knowledge of paediatric systemic diseases, we are able to provide additional medical screening for childhood diseases and conditions that may go by unnoticed for a period of time. 


Paediatric dentists have extensive training in managing uncooperative behaviours and working with very young children

At Coral Kids Dentistry and Braces we understand that every child has a different comfort level when it comes to visiting the dentist. Children are delicate beings and need to be treated as such, which is why our St.Catharines-based paediatric dental office is designed to create a welcoming and joyful environment for your child. In some cases, this even reduces the need for anesthesia in patients when requiring additional dental procedures. 


Paediatric dentists have in-depth training working with patients with special healthcare needs. 

Every child that visits Coral Kids requires a unique approach to how dental visits are conducted. We utilize a variety of methods for working with your child to ensure the best possible outcome including basic behaviour guidance methods, light to moderate oral sedation and even deep sedation and general anesthesia (sleep dentistry). 


Paediatric dentists are trained in interceptive orthodontics 

Not only do we monitor the growth of your child’s mouth, jaws and teeth at each visit, at Coral Kids paediatric dentistry our St. Catharines’ specialists work with you to reduce your child’s need for or to reduce their time in braces in the future. 

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Children are delicate and require sensitivity, compassion and expertise.