Will Nitrous Oxide Sedation Put Your Child to Sleep?

March 17, 2023

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Little girl about to receive nitrous oxide sedation

Children who are nervous or afraid whenever they step foot into a dental office can often benefit from nitrous oxide sedation. It’s a simple way to make dental appointments less stressful for both you and your little one! But you might not be entirely sure what to expect from nitrous oxide. Will it put your child to sleep during their treatment? Here’s what you need to know as a parent before agreeing to this sedation option.

How Does Nitrous Oxide Sedation Work?

Your child’s dentist will help them get comfortable in the treatment chair before placing a small mask over their nose. The nitrous oxide gas will be mixed with oxygen and delivered through the mask. Within minutes, your child will start to feel highly relaxed. The flow of the nitrous oxide can be adjusted as necessary throughout the treatment.

So, Will Nitrous Oxide Sedation Put Your Child to Sleep?

Nitrous oxide is not actually meant to make your child sleep. Instead, it is used to decrease their anxiety levels so that they can stay calm and relaxed while having their teeth worked on. Furthermore, nitrous oxide raises the pain threshold, which means your little one will be less likely to experience any discomfort during their dental visit.

Your child will remain conscious while under the effects of the sedative. As such, they will be able to follow any instructions their dentist might give them. In some cases, your little one may become so relaxed that they doze off, but typically they can be easily awakened with a gentle nudge.

What Else Should You Know Before Your Child Receives Nitrous Oxide Sedation?

Your dentist may give you some guidelines for making sure your child is prepared for nitrous oxide sedation. For example, they might instruct you to make sure that your little one eats lightly before their appointment; this is to reduce the risk of nausea.

Sometimes nitrous oxide can cause your child to experience a number of side effects, such as dizziness, fatigue, and sweating. This is generally the result of breathing in too much gas. However, any side effects are typically mild and should fade within a few minutes after the nitrous oxide is turned off.

You won’t need to plan on taking your child home to rest after their appointment. Unlike other types of sedation, nitrous oxide wears off quickly. Thus, your child will be able to continue with their day as normal.

Nitrous oxide sedation is a safe, effective way to soothe a nervous patient’s nerves during dental work. To see if it might be a good choice for your child, talk to your pediatric dentist today.

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Dr. Jonathan Campbell is the anesthesiologist at Coral Kids Dentistry & Braces in St. Catharines. He enjoys all aspects of children’s dentistry, and he makes it a top priority to keep himself up to date with the latest technology and techniques. He can administer nitrous oxide sedation along with oral conscious sedation and deep dental sedation. If you’d like to ask Dr. Adams about sedation dentistry for your child, visit his website or call (905) 684-5437.

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