Frequently Asked Pediatric Dental Questions – St. Catharines, ON

What Parents Ask Us the Most

When it comes to anything in life, knowing is half the battle. The moment you have a question or concern, whether it’s about our dental services, how we make your child comfortable, or tips for at-home care, we want to help. For convenience, we’ve included some of the most frequently asked pediatric dental questions we’ve heard over the years as well as detailed responses from our team. Please let us know if a question you have is not listed and we’ll educate you to the fullest extent.

When should I bring my child in for their first appointment?

We recommend that you bring your child in within six months of their first tooth erupting or by their first birthday. During their initial appointment, we’ll spend more time getting to know and helping them feel comfortable with the dental office. We’ll also speak with you directly on preventive services to consider and at-home habits to maintain.

Is it worth visiting a pediatric dentist over a general dentist?

While general dentists out there may say they see kids, it’s quite common for them to have a cap on how young their patients can be before they refer them out to a specialist, such as a pediatric dentist. When you want dental care that is truly “cradle to college,” a dentist and team that is highly experienced in serving children specifically, or you have a child with special needs, pediatric dentistry is almost always the best option.

How do you help my child get comfortable?

On top of creating a dental office environment that is warm and welcoming from start-to-finish, our dentists always take the time to speak with patients one-on-one and ensure they have all of their most important needs met. We also specialize in the use of sedation dentistry for those with high anxiety or fear of dental appointments.

I was told my child has a tongue-tie/lip-tie. What does that mean?

In simplest terms, a tongue-tie is when the tongue becomes restricted due to a shorter-than-average band of tissue (a.k.a. frenulum). This tissue attaches the tongue to the floor of the mouth. This same band of tissue is present with the top lip and bottom lip (and in this case is known as a lip-tie). To ensure full range of motion for their mouth, we perform frenectomies in-house.

Is sedation dentistry safe for my child?

Yes! Not only do we have dedicated dental anesthesiologists performing sedation services, but we offer many forms of sedation based on your child’s needs. They are specially trained in administering differing strengths of sedation for kids, so you can feel confident knowing they are getting the dental care they need without feeling anxious along the way.

Does your dental office accept dental emergencies?

In the event you believe your child is having a dental emergency, please don’t hesitate to give us a call to report their symptoms and schedule an appointment. We work hard to get children seen the same day the emergency occurred so they can get out of discomfort fast.