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Having a dental insurance plan, whether from your employer or from the public marketplace, can make paying for dental treatments not only affordable, but predictable as well. It’s one of the best ways to ensure your youngest family members get the personalized care they need to maintain a healthy smile. Below, you can learn more about the ins and outs of dental insurance and how to save on long-term costs. If you have questions, please give us a call.


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Understanding How Dental Insurance Works

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The way dental insurance operates is relatively simple – by paying a monthly premium, you gain access to benefits provided by a specific insurer. However, did you know that using these benefits on a regular basis (rather than only when you need them) is the best way to save money on oral healthcare costs? This is one of the reasons why preventive services (i.e. exams and cleanings) often receive the best coverage overall. It’s also a great way to reduce the risk of your child experiencing a serious dental issue that requires emergency or restorative care to resolve.

What Does My Dental Insurance Cover?

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Every dental plan is unique, which is why it’s important to read them in more detail when you have time. With that said, they tend to follow a pretty similar structure that looks like the following:

  • Preventive Care – This usually includes the essentials like exams and cleanings. You will often see insurers cover between 80 to 100% of the costs for these services.
  • Minor Restorative Care – Refers to dental fillings and other minor restorative treatments like root canal therapy in most cases. Generally, coverage falls between 70 and 80%.
  • Major Restorative Care – More complex restorative services like crowns and bridges fit into this category. May be covered up to 50%.

Need to Submit a Claim? Let Us Know.

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As a non-assignment dental office, your dental insurance company will reimburse you rather than pay us directly for services performed. We collect fees up front but are happy to submit claims on your behalf. To ensure the most timely reimbursement possible, our team can assist in submitting your insurance claim. We can also submit predeterminations to your company if requested. Any treatment recommendations we provide are based purely on the needs of your child.